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How Often Should I have my Unit Serviced?

Every unit should be serviced annually at a minimum but for maximum efficiency, you should service your unit in the Spring and Fall every year.

Can I save Money By Upgrading My Thermostat?

Yes! Old thermostats waste money because people simply turn a dial up and down, without accurate control. Instead of getting the desired temperature, you sometimes get a few degrees off, which can add up over time.

Today, digital thermostats have touch screen controls that allow you to reach an exact desired temperature.  You can also pre-set newer thermostats to work less while you are away.  You can avoid high-energy temperature swings by matching your thermostat to your schedule.

When should I call a technician?
  1. Unit fails to turn back on.
  2. The fan is slow or makes excessive noise, or the fins are bent.
  3. The coils are excessively dusty or clogged.
  4. Notice moisture intrusion from an unknown source anywhere in the system.
What is the average Life Span of a Heat Pump?

The life span of each unit varies, but generally, a unit should last around 14 years.  Of course, having your unit regularly maintained will increase its life expectancy, while neglecting the unit will surely shorten its life span.

What is the difference between air conditioning and HVAC?

This question we get asked every day, “What’s the difference between AC and HVAC?” While AC stands for “air conditioning,” HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning.”

When do I change my filter?

Great question, living in the desert we apply common sense and add some additional “when to” information for longevity to your unit.

First, your home or single occupant residence with no pets or allergies: change every 6-12 months.

Consider the “Average” suburban home with OUT pets:  every 90 days.

Add a dog or cat: 60 days.

Add more than one pet or anyone has allergies: 20-45 days.

When Should I Replace my Heat Pump?

When repairing your heat pump becomes a recurring issue, you should consider investing in a new unit rather than paying for costly repairs. You should also stop repairing your unit and simply replace it, if it is over 10 years old or if the compressor has gone out.  A compressor is less expensive than a new unit, but it is still a very expensive repair.  By purchasing a new unit, you will gain greater efficiency, lower operating costs and a new warranty, which will save money in the long run.

Why is the Air Conditioner leaking water?

There are a few good reasons for this.

Believe it or not, a main purpose for air conditioning is to remove moisture.

A dirty water drain that leads to the unit, or for example low refrigerant or a defective indoor fan motor can cause a leak.